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It's Spring--Time for Gardening for All Ages 2018

April 28 • Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds & Conference Center

Children's Booth Activities, Food by Boxburger

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Speaker Schedule (Speakers are in Classroom A)

  • 9:30:  Garden Creation--the First Step How design a practical garden for great looking results with an example. --Becky Troutman
  • 10:30: The Best Annuals The Best Annuals – Annuals are like costume jewelry for your garden. Try these on. --Colletta Kosiba
  • 11:30: Straw Bale Gardening You can plant a complete garden in straw bales. Great solution for no room, poor soil. Here’s how.  --John Dottenwhy
  • 1:00:  A Pollinator Garden Planting to attract pollinators, with the demonstration gardens as an example you can visit. --Terri Tramm and Jackie Rosales
  • 2:00:  Venus Fly Traps All about the most famous carnivorous plant. --Chad Williams
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